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Sim Shalom



Hebrew Liturgy

Music and English lyrics by Ellie Flier, Max A. Kasler, and Josh Goldberg

Produced by Josh Goldberg and Marty Rifkin



Josh Goldberg: Acoustic guitar

Marty Rifkin: Upright bass, nylon string guitar, pedal steel

Sam Brawner: Percussion

Sim shalom, sim shalom

Tova uvracha, sim shalom


Some days it seems the hurt will never end

Some days we wonder what out there is next

It’s not enough to fix, we have to mend

Sim shalom, please bring us peace


Sim shalom, sim shalom

Tova uvracha, sim shalom


Grant us mercy and the strength to love

Grant us forgiveness for all we have done wrong

We’ll feel your light and kindness

Shine from up above

Sim shalom, please bring us peace


Sim shalom, sim shalom

(Please bring us peace)

Tova uvracha, sim shalom

Behind the Song

Sim Shalom was the first Jewish song I ever wrote. I began it the night after the Paris attacks in November of 2015. I felt like I needed to write something, but couldn’t figure out what to say. I realized it needed to be a prayer for peace, and so I went to my siddur and read through Sim Shalom.


I didn’t finish the song then, however. In June of that year I attended my first Hava Nashira, a yearly workshop for Jewish music professionals, and brought the song to another young Jewish songwriter I met there, Max Kasler. Together we wrote out parts for the rest of the song, and when I came to L.A. to record the album with Josh Goldberg, he and I worked through the song once more to make it what you hear today.


Terror attacks seem like a common occurrence these days, and I wanted this song to express that even though the world seems like a never ending cycle of hurt and sadness, we can’t stop praying for and working towards peace.

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