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Building Community Through Music

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Music Credits

Jewish Rock Radio -- Emerging Artist

Ruach 5779 The Best of Jewish Rock and Pop Songbook - "Don't Be Afraid"

Jewish Rock Radio - Emerging Artist Showcase - "Quiet Heart"

Jewish Rock Radio - Jewish Women Rock - "Ahavat Olam"

Josh Goldberg - "Hashkiveinu" (Songwriter)

Little Bra Company - Promo Video ("Ivy" and "Smile")

Kristy Howes - "Heart Less" (Songwriter)

The Song of the Scrolls (Composer - Ruth's Song)

Andrea Bocelli and David Foster's My Christmas - PBS (Choir)

Jewish Rock Radio - Jewish Holiday Remix - "Bless Our Road"

Jewish Rock Radio - You Have a Voice - "V'ahavta"


A Spiritual Open Mic Night | Rise Up Leadership Coaching (12/13/2020)

Holocaust Survivors and Descendants of Survivors to celebrate Chanukah virtually | Jewish Herald-Voice (11/6/2020)

This year's High Holiday challenge? Building a virtual choir | The Forward (9/10/2020)

Not At All Traditional: How Nashville has solved the Millennial Jew “crisis”  | The Jewish Observer (2/10/2020)

Musician Ellie Flier releases album of original Jewish music | The Jewish Observer (7/31/2018)

Honoring past leadership | The Jewish Observer (6/30/2018)

Ellie Flier recognized for leadership | The Jewish Observer (5/31/2018)

Jewsic City Shabbat | 'Dore L'Dore (11/13/2017)

I Moved From Chicago to Nashville — And Found My Jewish Soul in a Red State | The Forward (2/26/2017)

A Musical Recovery | Nashville Public Radio Podcast "Neighbors" (12/27/2016)

Ones to Watch | Nashville Songwriters Association International (12/1/2015)

Birmingham, Civil Rights, and My Judaism | Jewish Journal (2/27/2015)

Hagerstown couple plans concert to raise funds for Cumberland, MD zoo | The Herald Mail (4/21/2013)

2013 World's Fair | The Jewish Observer (12/14/12)

Song Samples

V'Ahavta - Ellie Flier
00:00 / 00:00
May We - Ellie Flier
00:00 / 00:00
Don't Be Afraid - Ellie Flier
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