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Praise for Concerts & Services

"The "Songs of Hope and Havdallah" concert Ellie presented for Temple Beth Torah could not have been more perfect, despite it taking place over Zoom.  Her selection of songs, including both variety and style, made for an excellent way to end Shabbat and celebrate Havdallah.  The teachings she gave between each of the songs were inspiring.  I particularly loved the integration of classic Debbie Friedman and other modern artists with her own beautiful compositions. Her passion and energy and love for both music and Judaism shine through, despite having to view it on computer.  I can't wait until we are able to host her in person."


Rabbi Dan Gordon

Temple Beth Torah in Humble, TX

"Ellie has the whole package: Voice and instrument, soulfulness and the mind to create living musical moments. Listening to her lets me know that Jewish music will continue to give expression to our communal hopes. What she shares comes from all of our hearts. She is an amazing colleague, both in-person and conducting services over Zoom. She is a gift."


Rabbi Robert Levy

"Little did we know last August when Ellie wrote to Shir Hadash, a tiny reform congregation in Florence, Italy, that we were about to welcome a new member into our family.  She said that she'd like to come to services and would be happy to share her cantorial skills with us.  We are participatory, heimish and glad to welcome newcomers, and we were thrilled to discover her beautiful voice and winning personality.  Before Ellie left Italy a couple months later she gave us a gift - a new prayer and song she'd written called "Shir Hadash," dedicated to us, and it quickly became "our" song. Now, as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to have internet services instead of our in-person Kabbalah Shabbat, we ALWAYS begin with Ellie leading "Shir Hadash" with everyone joining in, in Hebrew, English and Italian.  Ellie doesn't just bring her voice to these services.  At our Tuesday planning meetings, Ellie helps us maintain variety and freshness while making sure that the service has a welcome consistency, coherence and familiarity.  She also organized and presented a very successful online sing-along for the community.  In these trying times, Ellie has helped us find closeness and humanity despite obeying the mandate to 'stay at home'."


Lenny Robbins

President, Shir Hadash in Florence, Italy

Praise for Pray for Open Eyes

"In the midst of everything going on, 8 songs have come into my world. Coincidentally, they all happen to be on the same new CD, by Ellie Flier. Each song is truly beautiful and so carefully crafted. Ellie’s voice is enchanting and I found myself falling deeply into the melodies and lyrics. Josh Goldberg and Marty Rifkin produced, and Josh sang, as well. For me, the production was flawless. I’m a sucker for anything Chava Mirel, and was thrilled to hear her on track 6. This CD swept me up and deposited me onto calmer shores. Something I needed today, and no doubt will need again and again."


Stacy Beyer

Jewish Singer/Songwriter

"There is a tangible sweetness to everything about Ellie Flier’s new album Pray for Open Eyes. Not “sweet” like all the kids exclaim when anything cool happens…but sweet like Ellie’s your mother and these songs are lullabies she is singing to you. Even the songs that make you want to clap and sing along land on you gently. The songwriting and singing is…well forgive the repetition but there’s no other way to say it…is just so sweet. The album is flawlessly produced by the monster-talented Josh Goldberg and is so immediately easily listenable-to. I especially loved (well all of it) the vocal run in the refrain to "Dodi Li" which reminded me of Snow White’s voice by the wishing well…there’s a magic to it as it floats into you. I’m also already scheming when to use the song "May We" when the High Holy days roll around. May these sweet melodies be blessings in your ears."


Rick Lupert

Jewish Poet and Songleader

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