Quiet Heart



Holy One, give me a quiet heart


Elohai n’tzor l’shoni meira 

Usfatai midabeir mirmah


Holy One, give me a quiet heart


Yihyu l’ratzon imrei fi

V’hegyon libi l’fanecha 

Adonai tzuri v’goali


Holy One, give me a quiet heart

Hebrew Liturgy

Music by Ellie Flier

“Holy One, give me a quiet heart” was written by Chaim Stern and found in the prayerbook Mishkan T’filah (CCAR Press 2007)

Produced by Josh Goldberg and Marty Rifkin

Duet line sung by Chava Mirel

Chava’s vocals produced by Josh Niehaus


Ellie Flier: Classical guitar 

Marty Rifkin; Fretless bass, pedal steel, electric guitar, harmonica

Behind the Song

I first came across the line “Holy One, give me a quiet heart” while in services one Friday night. It was such a simple yet meaningful statement that summed up everything that I love about silent prayer.


Especially in the ever-deafening noise of the world around us, it is so important to be able to be still and listen to the quiet of your heart. 

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