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Don't Be Afraid


Kol ha-o-lam ku-lo gesher tzar me-od

The whole world is a narrow bridge

A very, very narrow bridge


V'ha-i-kar, v’ha-i-kar

Lo l'fached, lo l'fached klal

And the main thing to recall

Is not to be afraid at all

And the main thing to recall

Is not to be, not to be afraid at all


The world is a very narrow bridge

Don’t be afraid at all


Hebrew by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav

Music and English lyrics by Ellie Flier

Produced by Josh Goldberg and Marty Rifkin


Ellie Flier - acoustic guitar

Josh Goldberg - acoustic guitar, BGV, keyboard whirlie

Marty Rifkin - bass, electric guitar

Sam Brauner - drums

Behind the Song

I have always been fascinated by the famous Hebrew phrase from Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, “The whole world is narrow bridge, but the important thing is not to be afraid.”


The most well-known melody for this song, even though it will always have a favorite of mine, always seemed too dark and sad for a song about strength in the face of adversary.


And how better to gain strength than to stand together as a community? This song has three sections that weave together. In order to sing the complete song, you must join your voice with others.

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