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Bless Our Road


Let our steps be light

And our thoughts unburdened

May the stars be bright

And our journeys certain


Let us make new friends

Call no one stranger

Never meet dead ends

And be led away from danger



Please bless our road

The journeys we have yet to travel on

Please bless our road

And may we learn from where we came from


Let us not forget

To stop and smell the flowers

May we look ahead

But live for every passing hour


Let us stand our ground

For the things that we believe in

May we make a sound

For those silenced and those lost in weeping




For the times we don’t know where to go

Give us the strength to press forward




Let our steps be light

Let us make new friends

Let us stand our ground

Let us not forget


Music & lyrics by Ellie Flier


Produced by Josh Goldberg and Marty Rifkin


Ellie Flier: Acoustic guitar

Marty Rifkin: Bass, mandolin, dobro

Josh Goldberg: Acoustic guitar, background vocals

Sam Brawner: Percussion

Behind the Song

This is a non-traditional version of T’filat Haderech, the prayer for traveling.


The idea was that whether or not we are away from home, there is a way to navigate this crazy road we call life that is filled with love and openness.


How do we want to live our lives? We hope that the road ahead leads us to good places, but we also hope that we learn for the better from what we have left behind.

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